Struggling Mind

© RedCat

Struggling mind
Swirling around
Trying peace to find

Anxious mind
Startling allround
No grace to be found

Fear filled mind
Urging to hide
Don’t hope for something kind

Stormclouded mind
Rejecting bright sunshine
Closing heart to hopes deep mine

Abuse programmed mind
Cued to put me down
All affirmations hollow find

Lonesome mind
Echoing soul’s cry
Loving kindness unfulfilled prophecy

Bleak depressed kind
Millions lonely just wanting to be found
Today meditation couldn’t ease my mind


In September last year, meaning the first month back blogging, I wrote a piece called Bad day, about the days that PTSD and my clinical depression puts me so low I would like to just go hide. (Or die depending on how bad it gets.)

Today was such a day when the fact there’s no one to reach out to, felt like the worst thing ever, all I wanted was to hide away and cry.

Instead I did my meditation, tried to go about my day as normal and dragged myself to practice (since we’re advised physical distance rather then lockdown). It didn’t really help, but tomorrow I’ll know I did most of what I aimed today. And hopefully that will give me something.

From one depressed soul to all others

All my love and take care of yourself!

Picture by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

GloPoWriMo 2020

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