Bright Insight – Hay(na)ku

Photo by Luck Galindo from Pexels

Burning bright
Lighting soul’s night

Revealing light
Awakens true sight

Souls night
Reveal spirit’s might

Silver moonlight
Spirit shines bright

Illuminating birthright
Awakens soul’s delight


Hither and dither

Photo by Steven Hylands from Pexels

Emotions in swirling flux
From hither to dither
Stumbling between and betwixt
Oscillating new, old, hold

From hither to dither
Seeing everything with new insight
Oscillating new, old, hold
Abide, stay, wait with faith

Seeing everything with new insight
Can you reboot a whole life?
Abide, stay, wait with faith
Lost in the ocean of change

Can you reboot a whole life?
Emotions in swirling flux
Lost in the ocean of change
Stumbling between and betwixt

Photo by Emiliano Arano from Pexels

Another Pantoum from me, read others here.

Linking to OpenLinkNight #267 at dVerse.

Faun Fanny

Paul Brill / Public domain

Fabulous faun Fanny foraged for fauns favorite fungus.
Flummoxed Fanny found a fixer-upper farm. Fallow fields fading.
A fellow faun, as farmhand and future forever fiance, farmed flax and fixed fences for four footed fleecy Faroes.
Fanny found farm-life frivolity fit Fauna’s family favorably.


It’s Quadrille Moday over at dVerse. The Quadrille is 44 words not counting the title and with a prompt word that have to be included in the poem.

This weeks word is – Fix

I decided on some levity and went with an alliteration. Which made me find a sheep bread called Faroe sheep.


The Poets Symphony – Raw Earth Ink

When poet’s write a symphony
Notes and words find destiny
In lyrical poems, verses and melodies
Emotional word music journeys


Any other year
I’d invite to a soirée

Gather all my friends
Celebrate until the night ends

Honoring the drive to create
Sharing the dream to exhilarate

Entertain by dancing a silly caper
Show happiness – that my words are printed on paper


Since this is anything but a normal year, I raise my glass to you all, wishing your dreams come true!

I’m so happy and proud to reveal

Three poems by me in 

The Poets Symphony

“A really good poem is full of music.”
Eric Whitacre, American Composer and Conductor

Tune in to just a few lines from a song and one can easily be pulled back into a single moment in time, memories rising unbidden. New moments to be discovered, music weaves through our lives tying them all together.

Lovingly composed by thirty-one artists and writers from around the world, The Poets Symphony delivers the seduction of music in the form of poetry, lyrics, rhyme, digital art, photography and more.

From inspiration to nostalgic memory, love affairs to the musician himself, place the needle on the record and allow the music of life to flow through your soul.

You can find the paperback at lulu (recommended)Barnes & Noble, or Amazon. (Lulu has been shipping out books in about a week (or less) while Amazon is taking over a month to ship out book orders.)

You can also read it on your Kindle.

On the Cusp of a Dream Achieved

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On the cusp of a dream achieved
Truth of inner worth freed
Bone deep self doubt revealed
Planted with every unmet need

Truth of inner worth freed
A girl bred to never succeed
Planted with every unmet need
She never learnt how to receive

A girl bred to never succeed
A light shone where kind self-love breeds
She never learnt how to receive
Sorrow joy supersede

A light shone where kind self-love breeds
Bone deep self doubt revealed
Sorrow joy supersede
On the cusp of a dream achieved


I refuse to let my current depressive slide stop my writing. So today I sat down to see if I could write a poem about my truth, my life, and the added stress that accounts for the current mood.

I long known I self-sabotage and have trouble receiving positive praise, but I didn’t know it ran this deep. I thought sending the submissions out where the struggle. The last weeks have shown me, that success and actually achieving a lifelong dream, with grace and real joy, is the real struggle and it’s only just begun.

This is one of my favorite linked forms, a pantoum.

My process for writing a pantoum goes something like this…

The pattern is ABCD, BEDF, EGFH, GCHA. Since line A and C becomes both the start and end I usually write the first and last stanza, then the middle ones.

Also shared to dVerse’s Open Link Night.

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Available for Pre-Order — Raw Earth Ink

I said it was coming and here they are! The Poets Symphony: Verses, Melodies, and Lyrical Poems is releasing on the 15th of May.
You will find it anywhere that sells books online: lulu, Barnes & Noble, Amazon. Pre-order the e-book here.

Thirty-one artists and poets came together to create this gorgeous book centered around the theme of MUSIC which holds photography, paintings, mixed media, song lyrics, and poetry of all types. You won’t be disappointed! […]

Available for Pre-Order — Raw Earth Ink

I should have shared this before, but it haven’t felt really real. The world in chaos and my own struggles make my mean spirited inner voices say really nasty things…

But now I proudly state!

I’m one of the thirty-one artists and poets!


Downward Slope

Photo by Spencer Selover from Pexels

Last weeks a downward slope
Each day feeling unable to cope
Everything beyond a depressed scope

Struggling against hopelessness
Feeling utter loneliness
Separated from liveliness

There should been preparations
A goal achieved celebrations
Not dark depressive deteriorations


The weight off the world seems to lay on my shoulders. However-much I work against it. All old harmfull programming is in full force. Sending out censors and critics to tell me off for every not written to prompt, shame me every unanswered comment.

Some form of perfect storm. The pandemic and isolation.
Me on the cusp of achievement.
The step where I usually self-sabotage.

As the publishing process has long been out of my hands, I hoped for a feeling of accomplishment. Instead my twisty-loopy-trauma-scared mind makes the most of trying to make me feel fear and confusing. Trying to downplay my work into worthless nothingness, wondering how I can presume to have something to say.

How I miss friendly hugs!


Karma Hex


He’d said it often. Women know nothing about pain, or suffering!
So turn off the faucet, shut your gob and get on with it!
And here it was. Karma! A hex to let Ross live trough one of her experiences.

The possibilities made her dizzy. Times he humiliated her in public.
Coronavirus, delirious with fever, she still had to do pleasure him.

But only one choice would do. Would test the real mettle of the man.
Fortyeight hours long labour with their first child.

Putting her intention firmly in her mind, she mixed his favorite drink.

Ross suspected nothing. Downing the drink. Disappearing into his den.

She waited…

Until she heard the sound. Whimpers of pain. Then, she started the camera on his laptop.
He succumbs to pain and fear. His shadow shouts on a nightmare scream.
His regret sprouts as soul ego reams.

© RedCat

Posted as response to Prosery: Maya Angelou at dVerse. This story is unusually dark for me, probably reflecting my mood.

The challenge is to write a piece of prose where we use a line from a piece of poetry. Today we are looking into the poetry of Maya Angelou, and her most famous poem, “Caged bird”. Our piece of prose can be fiction or autobiographic, but we are only allowed to use 144 words.

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