Carrot – a sonnet


If you require mystical eyesight, eat
An orange root with every major meal
A hero lauded for clairvoyant feats
Keeps the home front on even steady keel

If you don’t like the taste of a birch whip
Pursue the root at the end of the stick
Remember to watch the way least you trip
Beware not to follow a donkey trick

If you are to pale skinned for the sun’s rays
Indulge in the conical orange root
Prepare it in every possible way
Being orange will be a fashion hoot

It has many nutritional merits
Our humble sweet war mythical carrot 


This is my first ever Sonnet. And I do hope the Bard don’t take offence at me using his form to write a root crop.

I’ve been really low and energy depleted lately, so no real inspiration. So I decided to go with a silly idea and see if I could find poetry in something mundane.

Posted as response to Doubly Perfect Fourteen Lines at dVerse.

Muséum de Toulouse

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