Karma Hex


He’d said it often. Women know nothing about pain, or suffering!
So turn off the faucet, shut your gob and get on with it!
And here it was. Karma! A hex to let Ross live trough one of her experiences.

The possibilities made her dizzy. Times he humiliated her in public.
Coronavirus, delirious with fever, she still had to do pleasure him.

But only one choice would do. Would test the real mettle of the man.
Fortyeight hours long labour with their first child.

Putting her intention firmly in her mind, she mixed his favorite drink.

Ross suspected nothing. Downing the drink. Disappearing into his den.

She waited…

Until she heard the sound. Whimpers of pain. Then, she started the camera on his laptop.
He succumbs to pain and fear. His shadow shouts on a nightmare scream.
His regret sprouts as soul ego reams.

© RedCat

Posted as response to Prosery: Maya Angelou at dVerse. This story is unusually dark for me, probably reflecting my mood.

The challenge is to write a piece of prose where we use a line from a piece of poetry. Today we are looking into the poetry of Maya Angelou, and her most famous poem, “Caged bird”. Our piece of prose can be fiction or autobiographic, but we are only allowed to use 144 words.

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