Midsummer Poppies

© RedCat

When dusk is night long
Lasting until dawn
Poppies vibrant song
Siren fey dreams spawn

Thrumming in the veins
Passion’s deep well
Growing like the grains
By hypnotic smell

Hear Midsummer’s call
Wonders fill your heart
Feel the fire of Sol
Drink her heedy quart

Frolic and feel joy
Bathe in love red lust
Freedom life buoy
By starlight souls trust

Bask in Everglow
Caressed by the breeze
Rest content below
Midsummer poppies

© RedCat

Nights are magical right now. The light is otherworldly. Flowers shine with their own light and lend a seducing perfume to the air.

Read more about the Goddess Sól (Norse Mythology) on Wikipedia.

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Your Presence

Photo by Miriam Espacio from Pexels

Your presence make
My heartbeat swell
Beating like a drum
Loud in my ears
Your smile
Catches my breath
Ignites my passion
Sparks fly as lips meet
Nebulas dance as skin thouches skin
Worlds collide, fates alter, as we crest
Joining together in bliss


Written for Quadrille #106.

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Photo by Frank Cone from Pexels

Dancing Goddess Worship

Photo by Alexandra Minakova from Pexels

She slips off her shoes and socks
Puts on her favorite music
Forgetting time
Inhabiting another space
Allowing the beat to rule
Immersing in the melodic journey
Her motions joyous offerings
Bodily prayers of sweat and toil
Dancing Goddess worship
Dark depressive demons foil


It’s Quadrille #105: Cry Havoc and Let ‘SLIP’ the Dogs of War at dVerse.

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Photo by vishnudeep dixit from Pexels

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