Dancing Goddess Worship

Photo by Alexandra Minakova from Pexels

She slips off her shoes and socks
Puts on her favorite music
Forgetting time
Inhabiting another space
Allowing the beat to rule
Immersing in the melodic journey
Her motions joyous offerings
Bodily prayers of sweat and toil
Dancing Goddess worship
Dark depressive demons foil


It’s Quadrille #105: Cry Havoc and Let ‘SLIP’ the Dogs of War at dVerse.

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Also linking to Promote Yourself Monday, June 1, 2020 at Go Dog Go Café.

Photo by vishnudeep dixit from Pexels

15 thoughts on “Dancing Goddess Worship

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  1. The slipping off of shoes and socks is so evocative, and your character could be about to paddle in the sea or relax after a long day, but barefoot dancing is so liberating, the poem burst into life. I love the way the music moves her to Inhabit another space in order to foil those demons. The monochrome image is perfect for your quadrille.

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