Come, set sail

Come set sail
We’re going to sea
Curious adventure never fail
A need to explore and see

Come set sail
We’re going to sea
We’ll search for a fresh gale
Our souls year to be free

Come set sail
We’re going to sea
We’ll find new fairytales
New deities to plea

Come set sail
We’re going to sea
When we’re only bones pale
Our grandchildren lives over the sea

Nasjonalbiblioteket from Norway / CC BY

In today’s Poetics at dVerse, we’re invited to Come sail. I spent my first years close to the five locks of Borenshult and one of Sweden’s large lakes Vättern, then grew up among the myriad of brooks, streams, rivers, tarnes and lakes in the woods of Bergslagen. Before moving to the Baltic Sea coast.

Let’s just say,
I adore water.
Fresh spring and salty sea.
However-much she sways!


My favorite getaway (do you remember those?) has long been a stay on a Dutch canal-boat or houseboat. I had planned a writing weekend this summer, but we all know what came of everyone’s plans this year.

I’ve never been on a narrowboat, but if this pandemic ever ends I would love to try.

User:Artifex / Public domain

12 thoughts on “Come, set sail

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  1. I looked up the Gota Canal, and see it’s called the “divorce ditch”! I can imagine that things could get heated while managing all those locks. I like your repetitive poem – the repetition gives it the feel of a sea shanty, or a nursery game. I like the idea of sailing to find new fairytales.

  2. A lot of grandchildren today live over the sea. Mine are not over the sea, yet 3000 miles away across country! Your love of the sea is apparent here. Good write.

  3. I love your virtual trip that takes us where we wanna be rather than where we are cooped up and scared to go out. Great post. The canal boats of Amsterdam are wonderful… so much to see!

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