Depressed Diet

Panic-attack by George Grie

As the sun slowly rise
I wake, from dreams of my demise
Anxieties of every kind
Flooding through my mind
For breakfast, there’s the usual dark potion
Full of self loathing and suicidal ideation
During the day there’s the usual snacks
Triggers and hailing panic attacks
Lunch is often light
Too stressed to eat a bite
When it’s time for afternoon tea
All I wanna do is run and flee
In the evening I swallow screams for dinner
My soul-thread growing ever thinner
At night, alone in the dark, I despair
Waiting to be taken by sweat-soaking nightmares

Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

Written for Weekly Scribblings #33 at Poets and Storytellers United. Where we’re invited to to write new poetry or prose which includes the phrase “swallow screams for dinner” from C. Sandlin’s poem, “Telling Stories

8 thoughts on “Depressed Diet

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  1. I appreciate the honesty you’ve poured into this one. Not just because it takes a lot of courage to speak of certain topics, but because talking/writing about it helps, dragging the monsters into the light (or, at least, until a dark place one can share with others) is a good thing. I hope there is someone to talk to anytime things become too much. Is there?

  2. I am hoping as a writer you are merely posting a suitable poem for the prompt. Pressure from the existing crisis is one thing but not being able to live a life of your own choice is worse. Hopefully however you are a writer writing well with such believable words.

  3. I can’t imagine day in and day out with the above feelings – I hope this is just a poem written for the occasion – otherwise, I hope you find a way out – if that means help, then I hope you find it. Powerful write.

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