Trigger warning!


After trauma, borderlines grow sharp
Like blood in the waters to a hungry shark

What was once fields of exploration
Now minefields of trigger detonations

In the beginning was boldness and lust for life
Today’s there’s fear driven meekness,
drawing another breath a daily strife


After abuse the heart grow brittle hard
Like shattered porcelain glued together shard by shard

What once held a child’s ability to love and trust
Now a lonely desert of full of crushed dream dust

Once there were hope and the seed of true self-compassion and love
Today there’s a sad lost soul floundering about like a wing clipped dove.


Moonbeams and Moon Dreams


There once was a girl, with unruly strawberry curls. Eyes that shone with curiousity, a mind that learned willingly. A spirit strong and free, shining starlight for all to see.

Her companion were utterly dull, one that seems to death perpetually mull. Together they made an odd pair, one darkest night, the other moonbeam fair. The town loon, called them the faces of the Moon.

Always together, like forever and ever. Knowing each others ways, knowing what the other will say. So mostly they said naught, keeping the knowledge Selene taught.

How to hallow your waxing and waning. How to grow and keep wisdom gaining. In their dreams they sleep with the moon. Receiving the Goddess boon. Her love and care, inspired passion that anything dares.

Follow your heart, make your dreams start. Live life by Aphrodite’s sacrament. Love free and be thoughtfully compassionate.

© RedCat

Inspired by this week’s line at dVerse Prosey. Where were challenged to incorporate a specific line into a 144 words piece.

“In their dreams
they sleep with the moon.”–From Mary Oliver, “Death at Wind River”


Saturday Longing

© RedCat

Dreaming of when our gazes finally meet

Hoping for that instant spark that go soul deep

Imagining how we’ll make the others heart leap

Chancing we’ll both honesty and trust keep

Fantasising about when hands feel skins heat

Wishing to be close enough to hear each other’s heart beat

Dreaming of nights shared naughty and sweet


Sometimes dreams are best kept private, sometimes they are best shared. Expressed, formulated, viewed.

Sweet Dreams! ❤️

© RedCat

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