Trigger warning!


After trauma, borderlines grow sharp
Like blood in the waters to a hungry shark

What was once fields of exploration
Now minefields of trigger detonations

In the beginning was boldness and lust for life
Today’s there’s fear driven meekness,
drawing another breath a daily strife


After abuse the heart grow brittle hard
Like shattered porcelain glued together shard by shard

What once held a child’s ability to love and trust
Now a lonely desert of full of crushed dream dust

Once there were hope and the seed of true self-compassion and love
Today there’s a sad lost soul floundering about like a wing clipped dove.


13 thoughts on “After

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    1. Thank you! I believe in letting the darkness show itself when needed. It was very nice to participate and feel welcomed. 💜 Depression have the sneaky habit of getting you to believe otherwise.

  1. Searing write in the energies you summon up here. Very different from anything else I’ve read tonight. I bet you are a great dancer!! Only been to Stockholm the once, but loved it… Who knows might just stumble into one of those clubs one night looking for a crazy redhead with a magic pen! Thanks for the read…

    1. I tend to process by writing, so that can get both dark and fiery. I’m learning to pour emotions into my dance, that makes a huge difference. When things get better, you’ll be sure to find me, pen and notebook in my bag, dancing the night away. ☺️

  2. Red Cat, it was very nice to hear you talking at the live event today and reading your poem. My sound was cutting out so now I see all of what you wrote. You have captured so much of the depth of how atrauma destroys a young life and twists their world view.

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