Photo by Igor Haritanovich from Pexels

In the silence of pandemic lockdown
I heard all victims crying
The mourning ones
The deathly sick and dying

Even louder
I heard the sound
Of children, women, men
Knocked around

Beat and bullied
Ridiculed and sullied
Used as de-stressors
For domestic oppressors

Broken in way’s not known
Suffocated, starved, shattered
Soul torn
Feeling all alone

Unless you’re one of the doomed ones
Left dying, broken and bleeding
In front of daughters and sons

So, if you ever see
Even a glimmer of hope to flee
It’s worth it to be free!

It will be struggle and hardship
But there’s opportunity for kinship
Chance for healthy relationships

Monsters begets ghosts
Hard to shed
In your head, and under your bed
Disturbing your sleep
With nightmares hell deep
Makes sanity hard to keep

That’s why it’s SO important to know
Most people, carry scar’s they don’t show

We survived ascenders
Rise from the pit
Naked without defenders
Strong, fast, weaned on grit
Stars with hidden splendors

No more, are we bruised pretenders
Like ninjas we stalk quiet and unseen
Full of survival smarts
We’re reborn, free emancipators
Living betwixt and between
Hiding broken lionhearts

What we lack is self-belief
And systematic cohesion
We’re drowning in grief
Trapped in trauma illusions

What we need is firebrands and champions
Friends to watch our backs
Trustworthy companions
Harbouring us as we heal

If the downbeat
Forcibly meek
Ever got their say
They would seek and hunt predators
Night and day

If the abused ascenders ever close rank and file
Monsters would lose their fake superior smiles
Knowing they stood against
Pain and hurt
Rivalling the greatest military might on Earth


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I’m a Witch, I’m a Lover

Photo by Flora Westbrook from Pexels

I’m a witch, I’m a lover
I’m a child, I’m a mother
I’m both sinner and a saint
Full blooded woman, there’s no taint

I’m a flower, I’m as storm
I’m a person not a form
I’m a body, mind and soul
You’ll have to take me as a whole

I’m a force, I’m a power
I’m a star, I’m an anchor
I’m more than breath and bones
I’m the Goddess you intone

I am me, here and now
And this I will thee vow
I’ll be true to you in all my ways
We’ll grow together all our days

Just be with me right here, right now and always


Do you recognize the melody?

Also posted to OLN at dVerse.

Photo by Emre Kuzu from Pexels

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