Ten steps – Then Calm

Ten steps
Then calm

Close your eyes
Feel yourself receiving and returning a loved one’s smile

Nine steps
Find peace

Stay in that space
Between heartbeats and breaths we our truth face

Eight steps
Weight lifts

In the present now
We can view all our hearts and souls know

Seven steps
Awaken love

Hidden down deep
Unconditional love, even if we a sea weep

Six steps
Mystics accept

Intuitive smarts
Everything is more than its individual parts

Five steps
Arrive home

Let compassion dawn
Whatever traumas you’ve undergone

Four steps
Adore imagination

Seek inspiration
Follow your passions for a stable life foundation

Three steps
Free mind

Inner critics disallow
Stand straight and survivor proud

Two steps
Renew energy

See your safe place
Sacred groove of wisdom embrace

One step

Whatever you’re feeling
Relax and recharge in the pool of healing

You’re here

Drawn by Goddess song
Back where you come from, back where you belong


Written very late for this weeks Sunday Muse.

5 thoughts on “Ten steps – Then Calm

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  1. How many steps till we reach the top of the summit? Approaching from opposite directions, keeping the same pace, checking progress, still not having a line of sight. That mountain separating us.

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