On a thick rug – reworked

On a thick rug in front of a fire
Eyes shine with passions wildfire
Eager finger peel of the others attire
Two bodies move in shared desire

Breath hot against each others skin
Lips tasting the flaming lust within
Hearts racing as heads spin
Two minds intent on what was once called sin

Love blessed with Aphrodite’s graces
Hands seems to leave fiery traces
Knowing all the secret wildly orgasmic places
Two satisfied glowing enraptured faces

Kundalini flowing up their backs
Intertwined in pleasure they climax
Shining like radiant stars of the Zodiac
Two spent souls in afterglow relax


I decided to rework an old piece. To fill it out, give it more life.

If you want to compare, you’ll find the first version here.

Photo by Jenna Hamra from Pexels

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