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Brighter than the Moon
Sharp November night noon

The skies roll and rumble
Like Mjölnir thrown in full tumble

As the Goddess chariot descend
To bless a woman ready to ascend
Prepare her for all she’ll trandencend

Color, sex, gender
Weather a woman can
Command, govern and defend

Armour her to break the glass ceiling
Love so she remembers she’s a person with real feelings
Accompany her in this new world story
Be a fast friend in this uncharted territory

Follow the light of the rising star
Guided by science not the conspiratorial bizarre

Flash of insight
Soul-searing bright
Real change comes with grassroot might

As evolution and backward-looking Luddites collide
Future illuminated by the light of a Bolide


This poem was inspired by the apparent Bolide over Sweden yesterday evening, and by everything I felt and thought as I, with tears streaming down my face, saw Kamala Harris’ speech.

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