School in Decay

Photo by Jose Vega from Pexels

The school is in decay
There’s really nothing else to say

The ventilation has mold
The gym are frightfully cold

Most of the buildings are commended
Teachers and pupils into barracks hemmed

Plans for a new school still requires every permit
The whole school yard smell of sewage…
Yeah, shit!

Photo by ramy Kabalan from Pexels

Written for tonight Poetics prompt at dVerse – Poetry as witness. And preferably something local.
So, I went very local, my kids school should have been teared down and rebuilt years ago. But City Hall can’t make any plans det gets approved…?

9 thoughts on “School in Decay

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  1. Did you mean condemned instead of commended? I hope the powers that be can manage to navigate the sea of paper required for a new school.

  2. Yes, I look at all the ‘temporary demountable’ classrooms that have become permanent additions in the schools round our way – like caravans growing gardens. We need to treat schools as temples not drains. Terrific piece – thanks for sharing.

  3. It is deplorable how education is treated here — Trump was a direct result of our failed educational system. As Peter said, schools should be highly financed temples, and teachers one of the highest paid professions. If we ever get there uou will see a dramatic improvement in our society. Of course, the wealthy few don’t want us hoi polloi getting too smart — it’ll ruin their game of keep away.

  4. Powerful testimony. I remember watching on television in August, a special education teacher was being interviewed and she taught in a school in either Chicago or Detroit…cannot remember which. The tv reporter asked her if she was in favor of having students come back to school, because of the pandemic. She said many special needs students cannot sit 6 feet apart with no physical contact nor will they benefit from online learning. The tv reporter said, would you be in favor or just the special needs students coming back into the classroom then? She said, well not at my school. And the reporter asked why. She said our school does not have hot running water so how can students even wash their hands? I remember being appalled. To me, the word infrastructure should include school buildings.

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