A Song Of Two Lonely Children

Photo by ricardo rojas from Pexels

Come gather around and I’ll sing you a song
A tale to make cold fall nights less long

Of two lonely children, a girl and a boy
Who only knew deep sorrow, no laughter, no joy

Each trapped in loveless solitude, feeling blue
Searching for the one who’ll make their hearts ring true

The years passed and the children studied and grew
Still a true connection neither of them knew

She searched in all the wrong twisted places
He fared no better in carbon copy spaces

Both lived alone in a crowd, feeling hollow
Knew they needed a new passion to follow

So came the fateful day
Both looked the same way

The fated chuckled
Here where much to unbuckle

Deep wells of need
Hearts just waiting for a seed

Passion waiting to flame
Ignite adult games

So they crossed their trails
Lifting loneliness veils

Enjoying the show
Two souls yet true love knows

There we now find our, over the moon, love struck pair
Sharing all, dark and light, body and soul, all bare

Days filled with caring peace, nights full of laughter
Honesty builds happily ever after

© RedCat
Photo by Sam Jean from Pexels

I like rhythm and beat. Using fixed forms to play around with tempo and melody. In this piece the six first, and last two couplets have 11 syllables in each line, the other six , where the tempo changes, have a total of 11 syllables in each couplet.

Also shared with dVerse OLN.

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