The Sea is Gray

Photo by Ray Bilcliff from Pexels

The sea is gray and foaming at the tips, in the late November gale.
The wind tries to push me over the embankment, into the chilling,
killing waters.

Like a leaf blow about, my feelings flutter.
Cold and gray isolation. Touch deprivation.

Can one soul, separated apart, weather coming winter storm alone?

The wind turns northly
Clear, sharp, turning the air stark
Cold, dark winter falls

© RedCat

Written for tonight’s Haibun challenge over at dVerse.

10 thoughts on “The Sea is Gray

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  1. I know that grey sea that foams at the tips, it visits our north coast, as do the late November gales. I felt the danger of the sea in the internal rhyme of ‘chilling, killing waters’ and, in answer to the rhetorical question, have you seen the film ‘The Lighthouse’? Your haiku is awesome.

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