Stalked – A Pleiades Poem

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Seven stars in the fall sky
Shining sisters with a cry
Shall we forever fly, flee
Stalked by hunters, never free
Scribe us a new life story
See us love, laugh, kiss, worry
Shroud us in modern glory

© RedCat

Written for Poetics: Stars that count over at dVerse. This Pleiades form, seven lines with seven syllables each, and all starting with the same letter as the one word title, is wholly new to me and took a couple of tries.

Tried to find inspiration in mythology, only found a tiredness over the way women are used in almost all of our founding stories.

So I gave that voice instead!

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10 thoughts on “Stalked – A Pleiades Poem

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  1. I love that your Pleiad is written in couplets, their rhymes flowing and sibilance shining through. There are several different myths about the seven sisters, and I’m interested that you chose the one in which they were pursued by the giant Orion for seven years until they were turned into stars by Zeus. Even when Orion became a constellation himself, he continued to pursue them across the sky. Stalked indeed!

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