Inky and Ice Cold Tarn of Sorrow

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Wave upon wave of darkness crashing in
Sinking, no chance to swim
Chilling doubt seeps in
Trauma wrought chains within

Shower and sparkle of bubbles with air
Lead heavy, stuck in despair
Losing the fight to draw air
Would anyone even care?

Inky and ice cold tarn of sorrow
No dawn of tomorrow
Frozen in ice sheets of sorrow
Cold in soul and marrow

Glimmer and gleam of bright hope
Igniting life’s colourful kaleidoscope
Even for the most wretched there’s shimmering hope
Hold my hand and together we’ll anything cope

© RedCat

Inspired by the first photo from The Sunday Muse.

And before anyone gets worried, this is thankfully not how bad my depression is right now. This is processing by writing about it. It is also an attempt to help someone else express themselves. And a chance to show some hope for everyone having a hard time right now.

Image Source

For me a tarn can be both a small woodland lake or a water filled old mining shaft, with inky black waters.

10 thoughts on “Inky and Ice Cold Tarn of Sorrow

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  1. I love the hopeful message this leads to RedCat and the flowing rhyme is wonderful! Mental health can be a challenge for us all during these crazy times, but poetry is a great therapy. So glad you joined in this week! 🌻

  2. Brilliant expression of the pain mental health can go through. I am in my own mental health struggle at the moment. Writing, creating art, and seeing my therapist are helping me.

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