Red Fox – A Golden Shovel Poem

Photo by Alex Andrews from Pexels

“She said if a red fox had crossed somewhere, that area was safe”

from “Surfacing” by Kathleen Jamie.

Once, I met a Fay, this is what she said.
Beware of human glamour, if a
person your klaxons clamor, with visions of blood running red
Heed the warning, be clever, cunning, quick as a fox

You already a lifetime of suffering had
Monster, upon monster has your path crossed
Get out, go away, seek another context somewhere

Where your gifts are cherished, your heart nourished, that area
Are your fountain of trust, wellspring of creative lust, deep source of love that was safe


Never one to back down from an intricate form, I had a go at a Golden Shovel poem, where the last words of each line in are, in order, words from a line or lines taken another poem.

The line in Poetics: travels in the wild over at dVerse that spoke the most to me was this.


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