Yule Angst – A Villanelle Song by Kmt47 feat RedCat, 19 December


Is there reason to be jolly
Will my love kiss me tomorrow
Wake me from this melancholy

Feeling only pain and colly
Fading like an old, old photo
There’s no reason to be jolly

Brain is treacle slow and foggy
No hope left it’s all a dumb show
Shake me from this melancholy

Bring me back to happy folly
Lead me to above the rainbow
Teach me reasons to be jolly

Read me from your book of stories
Take me to the patch of willow
Break me from this melancholy

Let’s lay down beneath the holly
Touch until we’re breathless, aglow
There is reason to be jolly
Woken from this melancholy


Inspired by music made by Kmt47. I have tried lyrics before, but never felt it work. This time the music gave me rhythm and melody. The words slotted into place, one by one, for each read through. And the music changed after the words where added. Haven’t sung in years, so it was a bit nerv wrecking.

Together we poured all the angst this year had into one strange, haunting techno song.

Written for the last dVerse prompt of the year – MTB: endings / beginnings.
There where a seasonal buffet of five delicious (though low-fat) things about about endings:
(for full descriptions see the prompt)

  1. how and where to end that line 
  2. endings as quotations like The Golden Shovel form – where one poem quotes another 
  3. endings and beginnings – verse forms that loop and repeat (dVerse Vilanelle)
  4. underlining your endings, and
  5. surprise endings.

Since I recently done two Golden Shovel poems. I choose number 3. I love repating, looping forms. I decided to try a new one a Villanelle.

A Villanelle has 19 lines – 5 three line stanzas (tercets) and a final four line stanza (quatrain). It has a definite rhyme and repeating structure. And thanks to the dVerse explaination I finally understood something about denoting poetic structures.

1b2 ab1 ab2 ab1 ab2 ab12 equals A1bA1 abA1 abA2 abA1 abA2 abA1A2

Looks like a strange equation :-)

It means the first five stanzas rhyme aba, the last abaa. The lines denoted with a capital letter are repeated verbatim. You’ll notice I break this in my song and change the lines slightly. I did that after singing it for the first time realizing it would be better to suit the lines to the change going on.

Photo by Aakash Sethi from Pexels

10 thoughts on “Yule Angst – A Villanelle Song by Kmt47 feat RedCat, 19 December

Add yours

  1. A lovely villanelle – hooray. And that clever change – the ‘reason’ line shifting from question to statement and ‘melancholy’ line shifting down through the poem – wake me, break me, shake me – plus that wonderful soundtrack – gamelan orchestra meets monastic choir. Very seasonal. Thank you.

  2. The music does reflect the mood and works well with your lyrics. I like how the music shifts as your mood shifts. Experimental and awesome, Cat! Wishing you happy holidays. See you in 2021!

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