Dream Cabin in the Woods

Dawn breaks on the cabin blanketed in brilliant unbroken snow. Sea of white clasping emerald conifer gems. A blank slate for us to fill with whatever takes our fancy.

Playing like kids in the snow until we’re hot, cold and rosy.
Peeling off the isolating layers. Waking the embers from their dozing.
Snuggling close to the fire. Exploring each other’s lust.

Free to live a shared fantasy. As winter night falls, silvery moonlight plays on skin. Wolves howling passions release sing. Soaring counterpoint to the warmth within.

As two heart’s find safe rest in the dream cabin in the woods. 


Inspired by a comment about snow as blank paper, another comment about seeking new paths, daring to dream new dreams. The winter vistas I’m surrounded with, and the image at The Sunday muse #145.

It’s been mostly poetry lately so I felt like writing prose and flash fiction. Choosing the 100 word length.


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