Quiet Sunday Contemplation


Quiet Sunday contemplation
Walking face towards the sun
Looking for next step directions
Of this journey I’ve begun

Breathing deep in meditation
Sitting face towards the sun
Practicing elusive self-compassion
I just wanna jump up and run

Diving deep into inspiration
Keeping my face towards the sun
Writing my hearts dedication
Keep striving until life brightens

Mind filled with imaginations
From the strengthening spring sun


Last month I wrote Quietly Contemplating Continuation, trying to put words on the thought swirling in my mind. I had just signed up for the ekphrastic challenge – meaning interpreting art through poetry. It sounded like a fun colour splash in the dark of winter. I also thought it could teach me something. 

It changed my process in regards to writing inspired by art. How I approach and look at each piece, taking notes, then let my impressions stew for a bit. For some reason it also made me stretch myself into using more complex forms I’ve previously struggled to accomplish.

I’m especially pleased with Nightmare Storms – A Villanelle, The battered tower – A Triolet and Fall Maiden – A Sonnet.

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