Fungi Dreams

The note said, find the white baby bella
Don’t be tempted to eat the magic shrooms, they’ll trip up you head
Avoid the white toadstools, they’ll poison you dead

The button maze, can you find your way
Deeper and deeper, Into mycel space
Be ready to both fear and wonder face

The fairy ring, at last
Join the pixies, dance and sing
Connection to nature’s wisdom, blessings bring

As you wake, out of a dream dream state
Remember the connections fungi make
Their call to action take


Written for Tuesday Poetics – Let’s have fun, guys! at dVerse. We’re to take fungi as our starting point for poetry. I haven’t read the book referenced in the prompt. But I’ve long been fascinated with fungi. Their abilities. To communicate. To have geographically vast networks. To both nourish and kill humans. Ability to give profound trips or maybe wake bloodlust as in the perception of viking eating fly agaric.

Baby bella, magic shrooms, toadstool, fairy ring are all names assosiated with different mushrooms.

5 thoughts on “Fungi Dreams

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  1. This is killer redcat, it has a trippy surreal essence that is wonderfully captivating. Remember what the door mouse said… I am sharing this interesting fact today: A “Armillaria Ostoyae” mushroom, in the Malheur National Forest, in the Strawberry Mountains of eastern Oregon, was found to be the largest fungal colony in the world, spanning an area of 3.5 square miles (2,200 acres; 9.1 km2).

  2. You’ve captured the eclecticism and the mystery of the fungi in your poem. With the image of the fairy ring, don’t you just know that when the sun goes down there’s going to be a dance in the middle of the ring? :)

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