She-wolf (2020 Re-post)

Recently I had reason to go through a lot of last year’s writing. Some pieces made me happy, others sad. I saw clear themes to my writing. And how month by month I learn and grow in the craft.

Since giving myself credit for my accomplishments are one of those things I struggled with. I decided to set myself the task to each week dive into the archives and re-blog a poem from last year.

So welcome to Wandering the Archives Wednesday.

This poem I wrote during the big fires in Australia last January. Truth be told. I don’t think even the pandemic have changed our behaviour vis-á-vis Nature.

She arrives in dreams
The white she-wolf
Nipping and yipping
Around the Soul
Until it’s fully awake
Conscious of the surrounding Wildwood

One eye shines with sky-wisdom
The other, by now ferocious ruby red
Colour of mega-fires
Shade of blood for all the fallen animal-kin

Her howl echoes
A billion souls burnt

Call that reverberate to the bone
Dream-sound break the hush
Stir archetypes awake

Nature are poisoned
Out of balance
A continent burning

The wild howl will break sleep
Until the fallen are remembered


Written for Sunday Muse #90 and Sunday’s Whirligig 248 and earthweal open link weekend #2.
Also posted to Writers’ Pantry #2: Storms and Stones and Warmth.

THIS WEEK’S WHIRLIGIG WORDS come from “To the New Year” by W.S. Merwin: touch, sound, dove, tips, know, hopes, calls, age, hush, hears, stir, possible.

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