What a Whirlwind Romance

“I am thy fool in the morning, thou art my slave in the night.”

– Paul Dunbar, The Paradox

Every morning I purr and prance
Pets and scratches our romance
Each day my presence let you know
Together our life paths go

One of us a sensual dancer
The other a hopeless romancer
Together we’re an odd pair
One in fur, one in underwear

As night falls on the land
We’re both waiting for that caressing hand
Closeness is what we both crave
I’m so delighted you choose to be my slave

Your radiant beauty enchants
My sensuous touch leads to trance
What a whirlwind romance


Written for Poetics: Beyond Meaning or The Resolution of Opposites over at dVerse.
And inspired by the photo prompt at The Sunday Muse.

20 thoughts on “What a Whirlwind Romance

Add yours

    1. Thank you Kim. Reading the finished piece I too had to smile. But then I had cats all my life. And I’m quite sure they don’t want me to spill their secrets like that. :-D

  1. RedCat,

    Together we’re an odd pair
    One in fur, one in underwear

    This made me chuckle!

    Also, I have a somewhat odd question about this line:

    Each day my presence let you know

    – why did you decide to write “let” in the past tense instead of “lets”? I only ask because the poem is mostly in the present tense so it caught my attention :-)


    1. It made me smile to write – yes, I have lived with cats all my life – so I’m glad it seem to have amused my readers.

      I’m of the opinion that you should never be afraid to ask a question. Even if it’s odd. Or uninformed. (I find it har to say there are no truly dumb question.)

      The truth is you caught a – English as second language – flaw. My most common one is misspelling and ending up with another word then intended. The next most common is the wrong tense. I mostly use Google docs, because it’s free and easily accessible. But I know Word would catch a few more of the grammar flaws.

      So, thank you for noticing! I want to know if I make a mistake so I can correct it and learn from it.

      Sincerely Helene

        1. My first language is Swedish.

          English became the language of my thoughts and dreams as an adolescent when I discovered Fantasy and Science Fiction and discovered that English contain so many more words, or shall I say synonyms then Swedish. 😀

  2. Of course the cat craves closeness…..but on their terms! We live with two cats who agree to share our home with them. Your poem is beautifully expressive.

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