The Witching Hour Knells

Photography by Romain Thiery
(Abandoned in an old forgotten villa in France)

As the witching hour knells
The Mares are in their element
Play their discordant bells
Waking spirits of devilment

They gather under the full moons
To dance in lost lonely hearts
Sing dark fear filled tunes
That all peaceful rest thwarts

Nightmares spawn
From dusk to dawn


The Mares in the second line is a creature from old Swedish folklore. That pop up from time to time in my writing, as in Night Ridden by the Mare.

Inspired by the photo prompt at the Sunday Muse and Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt.

Also posten to Writers’ Pantry #60: What Got You Started? at Poets and Storytellers United, and earthweal open link weekend #59.

23 thoughts on “The Witching Hour Knells

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  1. Great 47-worder, quite a feat. I thought at first you were describing real horses (with bells around their necks). Google tells me it is really a word for goblins in this context, and that definition works in your poem, as (clearly) intended – but so, I like to think, does the idea of them as prancing horses riding to overwhelm us. Love the poem in any case, and I’m impressed by your rhyming.

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