WikiGap – Let’s close the internet gender gap

Tonight not a poem or flash fiction from me. Instead I’ll share another form of writing challenge with you all!

Since 2018 I’ve been involved in a project called #WikiGap. The project aims at getting more WOMEN and HBTQIA people to participate in writing and editing Wikipedia articles.

#WikiGap invites broad and diverse participation, and allows for local adaptations to the overall theme of closing the gender gap and other gaps relevant for diversity on Wikipedia.


So go to your language version of Wikipedia and look for persons relevant to an encyclopedia.
If you can’t find an article – write one!
Especially if the person has articles in other language versions.

The bar for being considered relevant differs from each language version, so be sure to read your own.

And if you don’t know how to register, edit or write new articles. Leave a comment or email me and I will help you find tutorials or other sources on how to write on wikipedia.

Have a good night all!

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