Fluitschip Zwaluw (2020 Re-post)

Pieter Mulier [Public domain]

Re-post comment:
Last week Wandering the Archives Wednesday I re-posted The Ivory Lighthouse, this week, you’ll get the second part of the story. Enjoy!

Holding fast
He was soon borne away by the waves
and lost in darkness and distance

Mary ShelleyFrankenstein


I woke in a steady bed
Not a bunk rolled by the sea
Weak as a baby chick
Occluded like thick fog

A sturdy woman
Probably the cook
Accustomed to being obeyed
Ordered me to have some broth


Hers not the delicate hands that bandaged my injuries
Her coarse voice not the sweet note
Who sung knitting chants over my broken bones

I ate and slept
Ate and slept again
Dreaming of Zwaluw
Our lovely vessel
Tossed like kindling in an angry sea


On the third day I woke to a vision
Beautiful Goddess
Lilly white arms
Long red tresses
Dressed in forest green


Her musical voice
Shatters the vision

Mistress of the island


Sea blue-green eyes
Carrying deep grief
Ghosts of the past
Expressive lips
I dare not dwell upon
Delicate hands I’ve felt upon my skin
Tiny belted waist
Gently swelling hips
I try to keep my eyes from rising


Again those stormy eyes
Not touched by the lips knowing smile

Like she knows the direction of my thoughts
The deep pounding of my heart

Oh, Nehalennia, Goddess of the North Sea
What are your designs
Casting me stranded upon these shores


Time for another visit to The Ivory Lighthouse.

Written for Poetics: Last Lines at dVerse AND Weekly Scribblings #2: Myth-placed.

Last line quote chosen:
“He was soon borne away by the waves and lost in darkness and distance.”
Frankenstein, Mary Shelley

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