Cherry Blossoms – A Haibun

Cherry Blossoms in Stockholm

The cherry trees are budding. Like the love in our hearts.
Soon it will fill the garden with clouds of blossoms.
That will rain upon us as we kiss beneath the bright spring moon.

Love’s first pale pink blush
Hides high summer’s hot passion
And fall’s thunderstorms


Written for tonight’s Haibun Monday (3-29-21): Cherry Blossoms at dVerse.
Decided to keep it as short and sweet as possible.

The photo’s are both taken late April in Stockholm previous years

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Cherry Blossoms in Stockholm

16 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms – A Haibun

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  1. I’ve visited Malmö but not Stockholm, and I imagine it is lovely in spring with clouds of blossoms. I love the contrast in your haiku of ‘pale pink blush’ and ‘hot passion’.

  2. Sometimes less is more, as you’ve demonstrated here with your short but perfectly-formed haibun! I love the way you wove summer and autumn (fall) into the haiku at the end too!

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