Monday Evening – A Haibun

Heat dissipates in waves. Sweat turns cold and clammy. I stretch muscles that are stiffening. Already aching with exercise pain. My mind echo with the song I’ve just danced the happy Jive to. Suffused with the endorphins a good workout gives, it’s calm and at peace. Outside the window the full moon rises over the treetops.

In the silver light
Thoughts swirl like moths round and round
Time to say goodnight

© RedCat

Written for tonight’s Haibun prompt over at dVerse.

23 thoughts on “Monday Evening – A Haibun

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    1. Thank you so much! ❤️
      I usually get less sleepy by writing after training, but focusing on how I felt just then worked in the opposite way.

    1. Thank you! ❤️
      It should be echoes I guess? I’m starting to believe I need a proofreader, or at least a word processor with better grammar than Google Docs.

  1. A nice capture of your endorphin moment, Helene! I wish I could do that kind of exercise. I was looking at the moon last night too. I love the haiku, especially ‘thoughts swirl like moths round and round’.

    1. Thank you Kim! ❤️
      I’m forever grateful to have found my way back to dancing and hope I’ll be able to do it for many years more.
      And my thoughts especially content, tiredly looking at the moon tend to flutter all over the place.

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