Heart-Soul Sounds – A Quadrille

Have you ever heard the sad sound
As betrayal a soul wounds
As a shattered heart hits the ground

Have you ever heard the sigh of release
As a soul lets go of grief
As a heart rewound in love finds peace

Heart-soul sounds


Written for this week’s Quadrille prompt – What’s in a word? – over at dVerse. Where Lillian prompts us to use the homographic pair of the word wound, meaning using the word twice in our 44 words Quadrille.

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8 thoughts on “Heart-Soul Sounds – A Quadrille

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  1. I LOVE this! And most especially the use of the word “rewound”. You’re the first person who has used a form of the word…and you’ve done it so well. For a heart to be able to rewind in love after a hurtful relationship or incident….what a blessing indeed.
    Thank you for posting!

  2. Aaah, this is lovely. The gentle repetition of ‘Have you ever’, and the heart finding love again. Mmmmm :)

  3. This is incredibly, incredibly heart-stirring! I love the idea; “a heart rewound in love finds peace.” Yes it most certainly does! 💝💝

  4. ‘As a heart rewound in love finds peace’ – brilliant! I love how you’ve split this into two, the wounded heart and then the healing heart. Great response!

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