Insatiably Curious! – A Quadrille

Curiosity has always been a driving force.
You might call it a personality quirk.
How does that work?
What does that really mean?
Wherein lies a myth’s source?
What happens behind the scene?
People think I’m inherently studious.
The truth is, I’m insatiably curious!


Written for tonight’s Quadrille #129: A Curiosity of Poems, prompt at dVerse. That little nugget of writing happiness invented at dVerse. A poem of just 44 words including the prompt word, which tonight is curiosity. My Quadrille has the curious, or if you will, strange rhyme scheme of abbcacdd.

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15 thoughts on “Insatiably Curious! – A Quadrille

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  1. Let’s hear it for a “soaring trifecta”. I like what Kerouac said that a good poet is an “outlaw of the sensorium”.

  2. Inherently studious and insatiably curious go hand in hand, Helene, the true marriage of the mind. I love the rhyming in this quadrille, especially the couplet at the end.

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