Daily Haibun June 3rd – Can you smell the roses?

Can you smell the roses? Or the lilacs? I used to. Now I can’t. I hope smell-training and time will make it come back. But sometimes I despair.

I’ve always had a super nose. Been sensitive to smells. To the point of nausea sometimes. Now I miss it. Feel like I’ve lost a point of orientation in the world. 

The reason of course is Covid-19. It was the loss of smell that made me sure I had it before even being tested.

It’s been a struggle. And a shock to realise how much taste depends on smell. In the beginning it felt like I couldn’t cook anymore, because I couldn’t taste if I seasoned the food right. 

Now some smells have come back, and some things just smell wrong. Onions smell horribly. The coffee roastery no longer smells like burnt coffee, it smells dangerously chemical.

The purple lilacs
Perfumes the summer evenings
In my memories


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4 thoughts on “Daily Haibun June 3rd – Can you smell the roses?

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    1. I hope so too. It’s a bit surreal after living with a very keen sense of smell. If I get it back I will never again curse it whatever foul smells I encounter. 🙏

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