Daily Haibun, June 13th – Heartwarming

Yesterday evening after the rain had seized and the skies cleared. I took an evening walk. Everything was still wet and dripping and low lying areas were filled with a foggy haze.
Suddenly I heard music playing loud and coming nearer, happy voices. It turned out to be high school students celebrating graduation.
I found myself smiling happily with the heartwarming normality of it all. I so long for the pandemic to be over!

In the sweet pale night
Happy voices rise in song
Coming of life praise

© RedCat

One thought on “Daily Haibun, June 13th – Heartwarming

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  1. The return to normalcy is such a mix of ready to be back to normal and not quite. I got on an elevator this weekend and people kept cramming in, and I was like I’m not ready to be this close to people again!

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