Black Ironhorse – Red Door

The silence of the eerie foggy night,
broken by the huff-puff-chug,
the big black ironhorse emerging.
Like a fire breathing demon in the dark night.

In one black carriage, a blood red door,
without a handle, closed smug,
through it’s window lurid light surging.
Drawing the watcher’s eyes to the menacing door.

As the mechanical beast comes to a screeching, wailing stop,
the waiting travellers shiver and hug,
longing for their warm firesides reemerging.
One girl bursts into tears, unable to stop.

The blood red door swings open on silent hinges,
a dark wizard appears looking smug,
crooked finger pointing in the crying girl unerring.
Now their fate on the courage of a girl hinges.

–  Scoundrel! she says starting her marvellous electric torch light,
your magic is only smoke and mirrors humbug,
you rule by fear and folklore merging.
You keep to the dark because your power can’t stand the test of wit or harsh daylight.


Written for Poetics – Exploring the realm of Minimalist Photography at dVerse, where Saana asks us to choose one of twelve photos with accompanied poetic prose line and write a poem.

I chose the ninth picture which comes with this line;

 The Red Door:

“The imposing red door towered above me, and it had no handle, opening only from the inside.”

The source of both photo and line is Glenn at SOUTH SOUND MINIMALIST PHOTOS, a site I enjoy immensely and which have made me look differently on things, realising even small details can make a thought evoking scene.

This poem went a totally different direction than I first thought, ending up another story in poem form. But I’ve learned to follow where the muse takes me. :-)

The rhyme scheme is AbcA, DbcD, EbcE, FbcF, GbcG, where the capital letters indicate the same word repeating.

7 thoughts on “Black Ironhorse – Red Door

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  1. Wowww! This is deliciously dark and eerie, I love how you speak of what lies behind the door .. a metaphor in so many ways.. especially; “the big black ironhorse emerging like a fire breathing demon in the dark night,” reminds me of one’s inner demons and perhaps fears which need to be battled with. Thank you soo much for writing to the prompt! You rock! 💝💝

  2. A wonderful and creative mix of myth and train legend, like Santa’s train to the North Pole, like the Nazi trains on route to concentration camps, like the Hogwart’s Express in Harry Potter, like the Orient Express; thanks.

  3. A great story poem! Fear always seems to hide in the shadows of life! I liked the concept of facing fear head on and putting it in its place!
    I liked this line… you rule by fear and folklore merging.

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