Where did the trip go wrong? – A Puente Story

PHOTO PROMPT © Russell Gayer

It had been a colourful hippie bus, proclaiming love and peace.
Vibrant, buzzing with hope and life.
Wheels turning for untold miles, on roads and in minds.
Traveling all over the country spreading the word.
Encouraging the travelers to go further, look beyond.
Envision a world where everyone belongs.

~ Where did the trip go wrong? ~

When did we lose it’s soulful songs?
Forget that a new era never dawned.
Today its message a lost echo, barely heard.
Such sentiments much harder to find.
The world full of nature’s destruction, division and strife.
A faded, bleached out memory overgrown with weeds.

© RedCat

Vasilios Muselimis on Unsplash

Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers.

This is my third Puente poem, the others are, Another Piece of the Puzzle and Sounds in the wind which is a story inspired by art.

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21 thoughts on “Where did the trip go wrong? – A Puente Story

Add yours

    1. Things going wrong might be part of the human condition. But I don’t know if young adults ever had more hope they could change things than that era. My generation born in the seventies definitely didn’t.

      1. I’m missing that skill. My read aloud is terrible. So, I just write and enjoy it and hope it sounds okay.

        Yup, we always get it wrong until something bad happens. Then try to fix it and get it wrong all over again lol

  1. At heart, I’m still a hippie. I take comfort from today’s young people who are fired up to protect the environment. I liked your use of certain words as subliminal cues to the whole drug experience of the sixties, “trip”, “weed” etc

  2. Yes, those wonderful songs of protest, joy, cries for civil, human, and women’s rights! Where did we go wrong — perhaps the answer is in the music?
    I liked the cadence of the piece.

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