Chicago Juke – A Quadrille

Chicago Footwork

Up and down the city streets
The place is quivering with heat
Rising from the dusty concrete
Undulating to the juke’s syncopated beat
Everybody Chicago footworking their feet
A dance where struggle liberation meets
Echoing the racing heartbeats
As the vocals reverse and repeat


Written for tonight’s Quadrille prompt over at dVerse. The sweet little poem consists of just 44 words. Since our host urged us to: 

“Let’s get the hips a swaying to the rhythm //of words. Let your voices rise & SinG!” 

Quadrille 131 – with Brian Miller

I chose another meaning of the prompt word juke. That of the music genre Chicago Juke that is intimately connected with the dance form footwork

You can listen to the music and watch the dance in the links I’ve added.

Happy tenth anniversary!

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21 thoughts on “Chicago Juke – A Quadrille

Add yours

  1. Ha. Fun rhyme and rhythm in this. Each city sings and dances to a bit of a different tune.
    Dancing is one way to beat this heat. Undulating is one of those cool words that sound like what it is saying, to me at least. I am a Hawks & Bulls fan, so Chitown has a place in my heart. Even have the Chicago Lego set in my office.

  2. There is something indescribably liberating about dancing in your own style. I see Chicagoans have used it to connect to the heritage of their ancestors. As a dancer, I’m sure you know what good exercise it is also, Helene!

  3. I didn’t know anything about this dance style until just now, Helene! A wonderful, rhythmically-charged quadrille. Made me want to get up and move my feet!

  4. The energy in that clip – footwork at 160 beats per minute! And great rhythm in your quadrille echoing the music.

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