Tessellation of Mind Space

Tessellation in the Alhambra. This was one of the tilings sketched by M. C. Escher in 1936.
From Wikimedia Commons

In the tessellation of mind space
Each experience its neighbours face
Their colour and mood blend and interlace

Piece by piece building a personality mosaic
From the ethereally numinous to the utterly prosaic
Always growing and evolving, never static

Each piece slotting snugly in place
As mortal life the eternal soul encases
With the tessellation of mind space


Written for Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt

Wall tableau of a tessellation by local resident M. C. Escher on the Princessehof ceramic museum, Leeuwarden.
The tableau appears to be based on the ink and watercolour Regular Division of the Plane Drawing #47,
a study for Verbum, 1942.
From Wikimedia Commons

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