I’ve Been Stuck

I’ve been stuck
Going neither forward nor back
Running in circles
Trapped in this inbetween space
Waiting for change
Lost in this way station place

Stationary, yet running around
Collecting stationery, but never writing a line
Screaming myself hoarse
Unable to harness my creative force
Muse hiding, afraid of more abuse
Shying away, like a spooked horse, whenever anyone got near

Now a path has opened, vivid and clear
My inner Goddess always near

I found out, you see
I’m willing to fight doubt and monsters to be free


Inspired by some reawakened inner turmoil and three different prompts. Sammi Cox’s weekend writing prompt. This weekend’s given word is vivid, and the word count is 89 words. Mindlovemisery’s double take, where the homophones horse and stationary are given. And this Wednesday’s scribbling, waystation, at Poets and Storytellers United, which I missed so posting to the Writers’ Pantry instead.

Homophone sets:

horse – animal
hoarse – lack of voice


stationery – pen, paper, envelope etc.
stationary – still, unmoving

Photo by Dan Asaki on Unsplash

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