Daily Haibun – August Days (2nd August)

August days. Hot and humid. Smelling of bone dry grass. Crickets playing. Gusty winds whipping trees around. Thunder rumbles. Lighting crackles. Sheets of rain.

Storm passes. Mist rises in dance. Pink and gold dusk clouds. Moon rises in deep blue. Orion marches across the sky.

First stirring of fall

Last days of sweet summer warmth

Harvest and school start

© RedCat

Today my Daily Haibun is written for Haibun Monday at dVerse.

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20 thoughts on “Daily Haibun – August Days (2nd August)

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  1. Your illustration reminds me that apples are a state crop here in WA state, apples as big as your fist, as sweet as honeycomb. I enjoyed your take on the prompt.

    1. Thank you!

      We have lots of apples, but no crop gets really big here as we have a short summer. I’m constantly amazed at the size of things when watching cooking shows from other countries.

    1. The youngest who’s still in preschool is getting antsy to return to his friends. The older feels that mix of exitment and dread that comes from a new school and new class as he is going from third to forth grade. I share those feelings as I’m starting my creative writing classes next Monday. Oscillating between happiness that I got accepted and doubt about the decision to take a year off work to chase a dream.

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