Rain Sings Lullaby – An Alouette Poem

Where did heart’s hope go?
Rain sings lullaby
Drowning with nature’s sorrow
Is the future lost?
Like lovers star-crossed
No faraway tomorrow

Hope’s an empty cage
Heaven thunder rage
Cascading tears from the sky
Earth still has power
Closing in each hour
Rain sings mourning lullaby


Written to the image at Sunday Muse. And heavily affected by feelings related to the latest IPCC report

This is a new form for me, the Alouette. I recently read this delightful poem at Tao Talk, which in turn was inspired by a poem by Shay. I frankly love how the writing community inspires and teaches by passing the lore of poetry from one person to the other. 

The Alouette has a meter of 5,5,7,5,5,7. And a rhyme scheme of a,a,b,c,c,b.

Also shared with earthweal open link weekend.

Image credits:

First image: Prompt photo from The Sunday Muse.

Second image: Photo by michael podger on Unsplash

Third image: Photo by Ruslan Zh on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Rain Sings Lullaby – An Alouette Poem

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  1. Metaphorically beautiful, enjoyed every line of the poem. I might want to give this form a try sometime, it sounds interesting, thanks for introducing. And I appreciate the fact that you’ve introduced the bloggers who’ve introduced it to you. :)

  2. This world is at a precarious moment in human history. Will we be the next extinction — I would say inevitably (arrogance + stupidity = b’bye). Thank you for introducing me to the IPCC Report Helene. Now I can even better reinforce my cynicism regarding the human species. We discovered fire in the caves, now we are burning down the earth. Joke’s on us. The world will recover after we are long gone!

  3. This is beautiful, Helene. I don’t feel much hope for the future of the human race at the moment, but somehow need to try and imagine it. We must keep on singing with words.

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