Grumpy Cat

Hey! Don’t call me lazy!
I’m just taking a well deserved catnap
The mice have been driving me crazy
Tap dancing on the tables all night

It’s not been easy
Guarding this joint for the chap
Even the mice get boozy
Always getting into scraps and fistfights

Yes, I’m a bit grumpy
Thinking of resetting all those old mousetraps
If I bait them with something cheesy
I might get some sleep tonight


Written for this week’s Sunday Muse. Inspired by the image and a Swedish proverb – When the cat is gone the rats dance on the table. Meaning when the one in charge is gone, the subordinates do as they please. 

I really needed something light and fun to write, so this was perfect. I recommend you to read Rob’s piece.
It’s great fun! 

My poem has a rhyme scheme of a,b,a,c throughout. 

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