Monday Musings, September 6th – A Haibun

It’s been two weeks since I wrote a poem for the blog. Instead I’ve been busy writing mostly prose for my creative writing courses and reading and responding to other participants’ texts. I’ve also spent a weekend on the first mandatory group get together. Before getting on the train I had grand plans of what I was going to write for the blog in the evenings. That turned out to be utterly naive of me. When evenings came I was so tired I took long walks and then fell into bed without even having dinner.

Before this I had managed to build a routine writing poetry mostly in the weekday evenings and during the weekends. Now I have to build a new one reading and writing during the day, every day. Which has totally disrupted the old one. Right now I oscillate between being content I’ve kept every assignment deadline so far and feeling like a failure because I haven’t updated the blog. It will take some time to find a new equilibrium.

Honing my pen craft

Shedding papers like fall leaves

Waiting for calm winds


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Image credits:

First image: Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash
Second image: Photo by Bruno Martins on Unsplash
Third photo: Photo by Cedric Verstraete on Unsplash

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