Word – By Ulf Hässelbäck, Guest Poet


there’s a void where there once was vocabulary
there’s a patch worn through where there once were words

but I have hope

if in the beginning there was the word
and if despite the void that word was heard
then it matters little if my words are slurred
and their meaning blurry
for, you see

there is no hurry
no need to stress, scurry and scamper about
no need to stand on metaphorical rooftops and shout out
at the imaginary skyline

for there is still time
still time to be present in the present
leave the past that the demons sent you to
the wounds can heal if the bullets all went through
if some remain
you know what you are meant to do
what maybe
just maybe
a god sent you here to do

but, you say
if in the beginning there was no word?
not even a speck of dust to be disturbed
all silent and not even a nothing there to see?
that deflates my analogy?

No it doesn’t

because, you see, it is all metaphor to me
I am not christian nor muslim nor buddhist nor pagan
but as my life is finite
there’s a place where it began
as to why I exist?

Because I can

and all the words in the world are trapped in
consciousness awareness perception
so we can´t have true conception of the
eternal infinite


there are always words
words to be
served savoured and heard

that is the beginning

that is the end

©Ulf Hässelbäck
Photo by Min An from Pexels

For the second time I’m happy and grateful to host Ulf Hässelbäck, who shares this poem from 2008.

Also linking to Open Link #280 – LIVE! at dVerse.

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