Daily Haibun, June 15th – No on Repeat

Some days parenting seems to consist of saying No! umpteen times. Until you feel like a broken record heard to many times before.

Doesn’t matter you’re doing the right thing. Tempers fray and mindfulness becomes an unreachable idea.

Such day’s I’m happy when bedtime goes peacefully and ends with hugs and I love you too!

A child’s tears falling
Grief of a frustrated will
Pains a loving heart

© RedCat

Daily Haibun, June 14th – Blue Monday

I’ve had a blue Monday, feeling down and sad. Lonely. Craving a hug. Having that thousand mile stare.

My mind turning and running every possible way. Leaving me unable to sleep. Still awake at three. Dawn fast approaching.

Winds tossing, turning
Branches whip and trees bowing
Mind without purchase

© RedCat

Daily Haibun, June 13th – Heartwarming

Yesterday evening after the rain had seized and the skies cleared. I took an evening walk. Everything was still wet and dripping and low lying areas were filled with a foggy haze.
Suddenly I heard music playing loud and coming nearer, happy voices. It turned out to be high school students celebrating graduation.
I found myself smiling happily with the heartwarming normality of it all. I so long for the pandemic to be over!

In the sweet pale night
Happy voices rise in song
Coming of life praise

© RedCat

Galaxy of unknown stars

Artist impression of a firestorm of star birth deep inside core of young, growing elliptical galaxy.
NASA, Z. Levay, G. Bacon (STScI), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Sailing towards a galaxy of unknown stars
Space full of still unexplored planets
Dreams of visiting unseen worlds
Fantasies of learning yet unheard words

Only the travellers self doubt exhilaration mars
Fears streaking by like comets
Old scars chafing like forming pearls
Nightmares circling like buzzards

Following the call of twin hear-soul lodestars
Drinking the mead of poets
Freed imagination new star sparks swirl
Awakened inspiration newfound stories herd

Sailing towards a galaxy of unknown stars
Newly discovered hopes skyrocket
Dreams of visiting unseen worlds
Fantasies grow wings and soar like spacebirds


Colossal hot cloud envelopes colliding galaxies
Smithsonian Institution from United States, No restrictions, via Wikimedia Commons

Written for this weekend’s writing prompt by Sammi Cox. The word is galaxy and the word-count is exactly 92 words. 

The rhyme scheme is ABCD. and the first A and C line repeat in the last stanza.

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Souricette-du-13, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Daily Haibun, June 10th – Soaked

Photo by Ruslan Zh on Unsplash

Early in the afternoon I decided that tabbouleh and halloumi would be dinner. Also I wanted some wine, so I set out to the best fruit and vegetable shop close by, which also happens to be near a Systembolaget (explanation below). After the shopping was done the first raindrops fell. Within a minute, heaven’s doors opened, as the Swedish saying goes, and torrential rain fell. As I was less than a kilometer from home I decided to leg it instead of trying to hide under a tree or overpass. Getting really soaked at least once per summer in a thunderstorm rain, especially when dry clothes and warmth are within reach, is just a part of life. And one of those that makes you feel alive. It was raining hard enough that it was hard to see, and within minutes I was soaked through and through.

Heaven’s doors opened
Thundercrack, lightning flash, rain
Soaking everything


In Sweden the state has a monopoly on selling alcohol, surprising more than one uninformed tourist. So anything stronger than medium-strong beer has to be sold at Systembolaget that have reduced opening hours compared to other stores that in any other country would have sold wine and spirits.

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Interior of the cashiering area of a Systembolaget store with counter service in Växjö, c. 1916.
Unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Malleable Strawmen of Gold

We’re all born malleable lumps of clay.
Full of hidden nuggets of unformed gold.
Strawmen built of experience strands of hay.

Able to ourselves shape, reshape and mold.
Rebuild from the ruins, rise from the ashes.
Take trauma and rare origami gems fold.

To withstand tormenting flashbacks flashes.
Find meaning when all seems utterly lost.
Capture fleeting hope that by us dashes.

Change orbit to no longer be star-crossed.
Listen to the voice in our hearts and soul.
Let passion heal, lift our spirits aloft.

Let hurt go, take charge, be in control.
Reassemble the pieces to a new whole.


Written for this week’s Sunday Muse.
Also shared with Writers’ Pantry #74: Words, words, glorious words.

Written in the Terza Rima pattern. Which I tried a few times before.
In Raven Dream Flight, Open, Accept, Surrender and In The Badger Sett.

Daily Haibun, June 11th – Mosquitoes and Nettles

Photo by Katrin Hauf on Unsplash

As the kids celebrated the start of summer holiday with water gun play in the early evening. I decided to do some garden work. Mostly cutting down the by now meter high nettles that happily grow in the compost. In doing so I came under veritable attack by disturbed mosquitoes. So while I might have avoided the nettle sting, I got a dussin or more mosquito bites. If I have to choose, I prefer the itching to the burning. Both are part of summer.

Mosquitoes swarming
Seeking a warm body’s blood
Just one drop will do


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