Intense Meditation, week 4

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This week in group we where taught a Mindfulness technique called
3 – 2 – 1, it can be done sitting or walking, eyes open or closed, and as so many other meditation tools for the beginner it’s easier achieved sitting still with eyes closed. So we start there until we can do it more freely.

It’s purpose is to soothe and calm an overactive mind.

Here’s how to do 3 – 2 – 1

State, silently or aloud, three things you See, Hear and Feel (as in perceive with a sense).
Then two things of each.
Then one.

Breath calm, deep and even during. Though the focus here is not breath but the world around.

I see purple tulips. I see rain drops. I see a stack of books.
I hear the sound of typing. I hear birds singing. I hear the sound of wind.
I feel the warmth of my sweater. I feel the chill spring air trough the window.

I feel the wood floor beneath my feet.

I see purple tulips. I see a stack of books.
I hear birds singing. I hear the sound of wind.
I feel the warmth of my sweater. I feel the chill spring air trough the window.

I see purple tulips.
I hear birds singing.
I feel the chill spring air trough the window.

I have found this tool to work quite well, especially done in nature, but then all forms of meditation is easier for me there. Even writing a version now made me way more mindful and present in the current moment.

© RedCat

After four weeks meditating several times daily, it feels like a habit has formed, that I’ve completed the first step on the path. Now I’m looking forward to finding out what the next step is.

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The attentive might notice, way more than four week’s have now gone since the first post. When I started this series, I envisioned meditating this intensely, mening around three hours per day, for the duration of the eight week – Compassion Mind Training – and writing a post for each week.

Then corona virus SARS-CoV2 causing the illness Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. And everyone’s lives changed. Including cancellation of all
non-essential treatments to lighten the load on the health care system.

I’m happy and heartfelt grateful for having managed to make meditation a routine before the pandemic, and I’m proud to say I still meditate daily. It might not cure PTSD or clinical depression, but it helps to cope with both.

Going forward I plan to set up a page to gather my resources on Compassion Focused Therapy and meditation. I will also keep writing posts about my own experience and path. Reviews of tools, techniques, teachers, books and other resources. And share the insights I gather on the way.

The road might be long and windy,
but with will and intention
we can make the journey the point,
not an unforeseeable future goal.

Build a New Start

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Worry swirling, keeping awake
Fear and disease, dreams take

Heart beat, draw breath
How many, until I face death

Soul cries, blood flows
Act now! The world never slows

Live true, free spirit
Loving kindness, universal true merit

Fierce mind, brave heart
Embrace change, build a new start


Inspired by a sleepless night, and Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge.

The last weeks I’ve been struggling with if it’s right to write in a time like this. After much thought and meditation on the subject. Instead I decided to trow myself into writing and sharing. Poetry, my meditation and compassion mind training journey, some prose, and small things that put a smile on my face or brightens the day.

Insight Timer – app review — Mrs Delight

I downloaded this app because it was recommended in my Compassion Focused Therapy. And because I realized I needed help and guiding if I were ever to learn mindfulness and meditation properly. That’s also when I started my intense meditations. For about a week I used the app without an account all together. Which is […]

Insight Timer – app review — Mrs Delight

I decided it was time to reboot my other blog, which I started for writing reviews (mostly) in English, and then more or less abandoned because that was not the kind of writing I needed. Just the kind I dared to share with the world.

Now I know there are kind supportive people out there, who amazingly like what I write. Something that fills my heart with gratitude!

Thank you all! ❤️

Intense Meditation, Week 3

© RedCat

In group this week we got introduced to finding and/or meeting our inner Compassionate Self, who are signified by acceptance and kindness, non-judgment, stability and strength, warmth and wisdom. Or in other words, to find that inner archetype, open communication with that higher inner Self.

We we’re given home work to read every day for a week. I managed two times. This exercise is as hard for me as the Safe Space meditations.

Today I went back to it, putting on my bedroom wall, where seeing will become reading. So I can approach it slowly over time, instead of not doing it, because it gives a PTSD inducing, trauma connected reaction.

I also stole myself a few minutes alone, so I could talk about an insight around the reason for getting panicky when meditating, or drop down tiered after yoga. (More about that in a coming post.) It goes against open honesty within the therapy group, but since several of the participants have shown the reaction I know so well, I thought it better not to upset the pot.

© RedCat

I’ve mentioned journaling combined with meditation before, and as of last week I have a Meditation Journal. So far it contains some Compassion Focused Therapy theory, notes from a meditation podcast, some meditation tools, meditation inspired poetry, and most importantly I note how my practice is going, how it affects me, thoughts and insights.

I’ve kept meditating 2-3 times a day, so most mornings, a walk during the day, and going to bed at night. The last one especially have helped me. I no longer toss and turn for hours, or need to resort to sleep medication, which leaves you muddled the next day.

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The road might be long and windy,
but with will and intention
we can make the journey the point,
not an unforeseeable future goal.

Silence in my heart


In calm between heartbeats
In space between thoughts
I listen
To a
Kind, accepting, warm, wise
Loving, compassionate
Deeply rooted
That fills the
Silence in my heart


Another meditation piece…
What do you all think, should I start recording these like guided meditations? Let me know what you think!

Inspired by my meditation practices and today’s “quick poetry” prompt at Go Dog Go.

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