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Young people lack continuity
Every other modern generation
Imagined a better brighter future
Today all they see
Widespread environmental disaster unfolding
Economic systems benefiting the few
Societies brought to breaking point by a minuscule organism


Inspired by this week’s Sunday Muse and Sammi Cox’s weekend prompt.
Also linked to the Writer’s Pantry and Promote Yourself Monday.

Lonesome Cold Saturday Night

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Lonesome cold Saturday night
Lovers far from eyes sight
Separated by virus fright
Kept apart, acting right

Connected only by zero, one, zero
Challenging each to be an emotional hero
Learning how to digital love show
Delight in a faraway blue screen glow

Closeness but not physical such
Comfort without a hand to clutch
Sharing love, but unable to touch
Skin missing skin very much

As time comes for sleep
Longing go bone deep
Remembered embraces mind warm keeps
My hands substituting yours, orgasm upon orgasm me sweep


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Now I Can See…

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Every person or incident is the Universal Teacher ~ ?

A continent in flames where not enough.
Can all continents in the grip of pandemic.

Wake us up?

Teach us we have one planet.
Show that we need each other to survive.

Behind the worry and panic.
After – every nation for itself.
Following the world closing in on itself.

There will be an opportunity for growth.
A chance for insights.
A possibility to evolve, as individuals and collectively as a species.

Learn how to prepare properly, crises and catastrophes are part of human life.
Realize that most value life, health and relationships higher than material possessions.
Accept we must care for our home. Our beautiful blue green planet.
Mother of us all.

As the dust settle,
my wisdom guided strength,
subtle like roots,

© RedCat

My opening quote, comes from this song. The sampling itself seem to be based upon – Rules for Being Human by Cherie Carter-Scott. And seem to exist in several versions. This is the one most closely resembling the one I learned, here you can read several others.

Much like this prose piece ending with an American sentence, resembles other poems by me.

“Barn’s burnt down, now I can see the moon.”
Mizuta Masahide

Written for Mish’s poetics prompt at dVerse.

Enlightening words from Masahide, 17th Century samurai, poet , mentored by Matsuo Basho. In Zen poetry, the moon often symbolizes the truth or ultimate awareness. The burning barn could be the hardship or catastrophic loss we must experience in order for our sky to clear, our minds to clear, creating a new view. Perhaps then and only then, will we be awakened.

What do you see? Something you haven’t before? Something you’ve forgotten? New perspectives, priorities or something much deeper. A revelation in thought? What does the moon represent to you in Masahide’s terse, epiphanous message? What does your burning barn look like? Have you experienced your own personal insight or enlightenment as the world deals with this ongoing crisis? Ponder these questions and pen us a poem.

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Take a Step Back

© RedCat

Take a step back
Allow yourself to relax

If the world feels ready to crack
The life you’ve known gone
Reality suddenly re-drawn
That’s precisely when, you need to

Take a step back
Allow yourself to relax

Grant yourself time to feel
Time to be, time to grieve
Allow yourself moments of peace
Right now, when the world cries out in need

Take a step back
Allow yourself to relax

Give yourself space
A few moments of divine grace
Allow room for trust, love and hope
Gift yourself the strength to cope

Take a step back
Allow yourself to relax

Ground yourself with breath
A few heartbeats of grounded rest
Allow yourself to gather your defences
Wisdom to chart a path through severe consequences

Take a step back
Allow yourself to relax


Last week felt rough, my group therapy got cancelled, due to corona. If it restarts is anyone’s guess. I also felt drawn in every direction at once, trying to juggle working at home and home schooling the kids. I did write, but had no energy for prompts as I use to.

During the weekend I finally got some real time to meditate.

Take a step back

Allow yourself time to relax

Was the message I received.
So I decided to let myself think of other things then the growing pandemic and the severe economic consequences looming on the horizon.

The result is directly clear. If I allow myself a step back and a few moments of peace. I feel less overwhelmed. Less hopeless. Less isolated.
Able to focus on sparks of joy and beauty. Able to write.

To all known and yet unknown friends.
Take care of yourself.

Remember there are friends out there.
Remember to be compassionate towards yourself and others.
Remember that we all deserve moments of peace and stillness.

© RedCat

Fool’s Journey to Enlightenment

Fool’s journey to enlightenment

One life
Two hands
Three in any holy trinity
Four cardinal points
Five sacred elements
Six, love and sex, contain sacredness
Seven chakras to shine clear
Eight Sabbats in the wheel
Nine, three fold law times three
Ten Sephirots emanating divine light
Eleven mysterious knowledge insights
Twelve full moons, and one blue orange
Thirteen witches in the magic coven

Nineteen, loving wisdom hope govern
Twenty-Twenty karmic judgment appear, grow better, renew, global catastrophe draws near
Twenty One light’s biannual turning point
Twenty Two spiritual paths to ascend the three

One hundred words to set you free


First idea, one hundred lines of poetry, counting up. Before the tenth, hmm, maybe if I had a week to work. Edited idea, one hundred words.

My favorite prompt of the week, The Sunday Muse, celebrates its hundredth.

Also linked to The Writers’ Pantry and Promote Yourself Monday.

Happy 100th Musing everyone!

Night ridden by the mare


Night ridden by the Mare
Visions of death and despair

Cloying smells from dying flesh
Cries of agony and sorrow mesh

Desperate shattering choices
Despair in thousands of voices

Endless stream of new cases, severe consequences
Nothing newer than medieval defenses

When will the wind spread laughter?
What will the world look like after?


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From Wikipedia:

Mare (Old EnglishmæreOld Dutchmaremara in Old High German and Old Norse) is a malicious entity in Germanic and Slavic folklore that rides on people’s chests while they sleep, bringing on bad dreams (or “nightmares“)

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