A Dirge For The Drowned – April Ekphrastic Challenge

Jane Cornwell

In the gray dawn light
A floating sound
Coming from the fishermen’s bight
A dirge for the drowned

A floating sound
Washing over the seashore
A dirge for the drowned
For love lost forevermore

Washing over the seashore
Like swashes of tears
For love lost forevermore
Grief echoing over the pier

Like swashes of tears
Coming from the fishermen’s bight
Grief echoing over the pier
In the gray dawn light


Boats by John Law

As so often happens with the forms I know well, I didn’t set out to write a Pantoum it just happened after I’d written the first stanza and sat wondering where to go next. Grief is a thing that changes over time, but still comes back to us again and again when reminded.

Searching for rhyming words I also learned two new ones.

Swash – the rush of seawater up the beach after the breaking of a wave.

Bight – a curve or recess in a coastline, river, or other geographical feature.

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John Law

“Am 68. Live in Mexborough. Retired teacher. Artist; musician; poet. Recently included in ‘Viral Verses’ poetry volume. Married. 2 kids; 3 grandkids.”
Jane Cornwell

likes drawing and painting children, animals, landscapes and food. She specialises in watercolour, mixed media, coloured pencil, lino cut and print, textile design. Jane can help you out with adobe indesign for your layout needs, photoshop and adobe illustrator. She graduated with a ba(hons) design from Glasgow School of art, age 20.

She has exhibited with the rsw at the national gallery of Scotland, SSA, Knock Castle Gallery, Glasgow Group, Paisley Art Institute, MacMillan Exhibition at Bonhams, Edinburgh, The House For An Art Lover, Pittenweem Arts Festival, Compass Gallery, The Revive Show, East Linton Art Exhibition and Strathkelvin Annual Art Exhibition.

Her website is: https://www.janecornwell.co.uk/

April Ekphrastic Challenge – GloPoWriMo 2021

Kingdom of Karmic Weaving Fates – January Ekphrastic Challenge, January 8

Marcel Herms – Der Tod ist ein Dandy auf einem Pferd
(Death is a Dandy on a Horse)

Now, now! Dear soul!
I’ve done this countless times before.
I move between and between.
It wouldn’t do to be forever seen.
I divert with the screech of an owl.
Even though, I pity souls killed by neglect and foul.
I don’t recommend staying as a ghost.
Even though together you would be a mighty host.
Now! Peek beneath my cowl!
Look into the void, and honk like a lost wildfowl.
My eyes are the portals.
Transporting all Bardo states mortals.
Handing you off at the gates.
Of the Kingdom of karmic weaving fates.


This is the second day of the January Ekphrastic Challenge. To see all artwork and read all poetry go to,
My poem today is inspired by Marcel Herms – Der Tod ist ein Dandy auf einem Pferd.
(Death is a Dandy on a Horse)

It was a long time since I used my school learnt German. As I translated the title, some part of my mind said it was more than a artwork title. Maybe a line from a poem, or a song, or a philosophic text. Got a happy, albeit loud, surprise when I found it’s a 1985 song – Der Tod Ist Ein Dandy by Einstürzende Neubauten.
Industrial synth that sounds like a migraine attack feels.

Listen carefully!

Marcel Herms

A Dutch visual artist. He is also one of the two men behind the publishing house Petrichor. Freedom is very important in the visual work of Marcel Herms. In his paintings he can express who he really is in complete freedom. Without the social barriers of everyday life.
There is a strong relationship with music. Like music, Herms’ art is about autonomy, freedom, passion, color and rhythm. You can hear the rhythm of the colors, the rhythm of the brushstrokes, the raging cry of the pencil, the subtle melody of a collage. The figures in his paintings rotate around you in shock, they are heavily abstracted, making it unclear what they are doing. Sometimes they look like people, monsters, children or animals, or something in between. Sometimes they disappear to be replaced immediately or to take on a different guise. The paintings invite the viewer to join this journey. Free-spirited.

He collaborates with many different authors, poets, visual artists and audio artists from around the world and his work is published by many different publishers.



Waiting a Long December Night – 2 December 2020

Photo by Vlad Bagacian from Pexels

Waiting a long December night
It’s easy to startle and take fright
Imagine goblins and ghosts
Even though the night are like most
Not yet full winter nights
When the moon is hid from sight

Waiting a long December night
I light candles to burn bright
Imagine unconstrained Christmas cheer
Cosying up with all I hold dear
Wishing for a new year
Without an pandemic to fear

Waiting a long December night
When the moon is hid from sight
I light candles to burn bright
To ward off spirits mischievous fright
Seasonal rhymes and rituals write
Waiting a long December night


Last night I where kept up until the small hours by my youngest. Giving me some time to prepare today’s Advent calendar post. Missing to much sleep is never good. But sometimes writing in the witching hour gives great results. ;-)

1 December

Beloved Bookstore

Foto: Melissa A. Barton

My favorite place
Browsing for hours space
Ink filled shelf maze

Along Old Town’s busiest street
Fantasy and Science Fiction meet
Wild dreams with care treat

Rows upon rows of books
Customers in all manner of looks
Geeks and nerds in every nook

Kind magic filled atmosphere
All welcome however queer
There whenever the world feels to severe

My favorite store
Filled to the rafters with strange lore
Lets inspired creativity soar

Foto: Melissa A. Barton

My second poem for Global Poetry Writing Month, inspired by today’s prompt. To write a poem about a specific place – a particular house or store or school or office. So I choose my favorite store in Stockholm. Which also happens to be one of the best places I ever worked.

Also linking to OpenLinkNight #263 at dVerse.

Foto: Melissa A. Barton

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Foto: Melissa A. Barton

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