Seen in Tree’s – 4 December

© RedCat

My heart hanging in a tree
My feelings on display
For everyone to see
Silently I pray
To finally be free
To wake one day

And at last find
I’m no longer under stress
Out of this bind
Free to express
Everything in my heart and mind
No longer thinking I’m less

As worthy as any other
Free to seek happiness like all others

© RedCat

© RedCat

Raven Dream Flight – April Ekphrastic Challenge

Jane Cornwell

A raven came to me one stormy night
As I lay contemplating ending life
Taking me on a wild curious flight

First we flew through my years, where abuse ran rife
Showing me every deep unhealed wound
Then the raven took me to afterlife

We flew over the souls that abuse drowned
A pungent dead sea bordered by crushed dreams
My guide said that’s where my thoughts had be bound

She saw me flinch when hearing the seas screams
Clacked her beak knowingly as my tears fell
And flew on navigating by moonbeams

We alighted in a field of seashells
Bathing me in pearlescent healing light
She said you’ll find freedom through an inkwell

With one of my feathers you’ll demons smite
Don’t worry it will as before regrow
Heal yourself and others as you pain write

Follow the stream to the source of your flow
Learn how to unravel fates twisted thread
Where Death chooses which souls to rebirth go

The last thing I saw was Death’s smiling head
Before waking remade in a sundrenched bed


My forth poem for GloPoWriMo and April Ekprastic Challenge. As in January, writing to works of art is changing my writing. How I prepare for writing, for example doing more research on mythology and symbolism. So this time I spent a while reading up more on ravens, Valkyries and Psychopomps’ and other shape shifting spirit guides.

Also I seem to write longer more intricate pieces then I usually do. :-)

Written in Terza rima, a form first known to be used by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri in Divine Comedy, completed in 1320.
It’s a three-line stanza using chain rhyme in the pattern ABA BCB CDC etc. There is no limit to the number of lines, but poems written in terza rima end with either a single line or in a couplet repeating the rhyme of the middle line of the final tercet.

Also incorporating three words from the Skyloverwordlist words: pungent, curious, sea shell.

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April Ekphrastic Challenge – GloPoWriMo 2021

Ride, Trip, Life – January Ekphrastic Challenge, January 10

Marcel Herms – Heel het leven is een storm en een chaos der ziel

This ride will turn you round
Spin you round and round

Twist this way and that way
Confuse up and down until you sway

Like a reed in wind
As branches twinned in whirlwind

Stormy chaos reign
Soul drains as hot tears rain

The trip will demand red blood shed
Til the scythe severs your thread


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Marcel Herms

A Dutch visual artist. He is also one of the two men behind the publishing house Petrichor. Freedom is very important in the visual work of Marcel Herms. In his paintings he can express who he really is in complete freedom. Without the social barriers of everyday life.
There is a strong relationship with music. Like music, Herms’ art is about autonomy, freedom, passion, color and rhythm. You can hear the rhythm of the colors, the rhythm of the brushstrokes, the raging cry of the pencil, the subtle melody of a collage. The figures in his paintings rotate around you in shock, they are heavily abstracted, making it unclear what they are doing. Sometimes they look like people, monsters, children or animals, or something in between. Sometimes they disappear to be replaced immediately or to take on a different guise. The paintings invite the viewer to join this journey. Free-spirited.

He collaborates with many different authors, poets, visual artists and audio artists from around the world and his work is published by many different publishers.

Birth Echoes Through Time – 4 December

Birth echoes through all our time
Time shard echoes in our minds
Minds echo with contact cruel or kind
Cruel or kind actions, echo through humankind
Humankind echoes, with what was done before our time
Time to shed the old, to let new life echo all around


At first I thought I’d do a re-post today, of my first Echo Poem, to give me free birthday time. But my mind keep going round and round in echoes, so I had to write a new one.

Each year in the day leading up to my children’s birthday I have flashbacks of birth both in mind and body. Not something I mention often as it sound so trippy, but both my own mother and others have described similar feelings. And if your open to it, giving birth is one of the most profound birth-death-rebirth experiences, aka trips, a woman can have.

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Isolation Dating

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Saturday night alone
Dating with phone

Gaze is not the same
Projected from a glassy frame

Sweet intimacies fall short
How trough cyberspace court

Touch is just a fantasy
Strengthened by playing our melody

Telling what we’d do if only
Pandemic hadn’t separated us, lonely

How we’d kiss and caress
Join in the pleasures of flesh

Building mutual lust
Founded on hopeful trust

This too shall pass
This historical impasse

We’ll live and love free again
Meet each other in passions pure zen

After we weathered the storm, until then
We dream of summer afternoons in the glen

Shared fantasy minds tease
Until arousal has to be pleased

Sleep well my sweat
Take care until we meet


GloPoWriMo 2020

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